Hotel Booking Software – Which is Best for You?

Managing vacation rentals is not an easy task. Creating reports, generating invoices, arranging reservations and organizing rental activities are just some of the responsibilities of a manager. The job can be made much easier with vacation rental management software where all the everyday jobs or tasks in managing a hospitality business are combined into one hotel reservations software.

If you are thinking of buying a rental management software, this article will help you determine what accommodation software would best suit your needs.

First and foremost, you must determine what are the things that you are looking for in a vacation reservation management software. What are the functions, abilities or features that you are looking for? Second, do you need a desktop application or a web-based program? Third, is the software user-friendly? Fourth, how affordable is the hotel booking system software?

The common features of hotel management software are:

* Check for availability and make reservations including the arrival date, departure date and manage multiple rental rates.

* Generates confirmations, receipts and statements.

* Process Online payments.

* Record all your expense payments and travel deductions. View deposits and debits for any number of expense reporting accounts.

* An easy-to-use database that tracks all the information about your guests especially payments.

* Keep track of deposits, payments to accounts, and other income sources. Generate registers for your income reporting accounts

* Record important information on all of your rental units.

* A way to add misc. charges and record full and partial rent payments and print rent receipts.

* Track of all your income and tax deductible expenses and generate tax form reports.

Some motel reservation software will also keep track of schedules, generate form letters to be mailed or emailed, and provide other tools to help you streamline your business. Consider these additional features:

* Send promotional materials or other form letters to all of your guests, vendors, family, friends or any other contacts

* Keep track of all the appliances, furniture, etc. that are included with your rental units.

* Create property management invoices for other owners whose units you manage. Add management fees and deduct expenses.

* Create To Do Lists with room for notes, deadlines, priorities, etc. with project management software.

* Create Work Orders for any repairs or maintenance, track vendors, schedules, work completed and amounts paid.

* Display your appointments, deadlines and other important events in Daily, Weekly or Monthly Calendar formats in scheduling software.

The best reservations systems software also includes tools which allow you to look up where area codes are, calculate time zone differences, and has a universal calculator that adds or subtracts numbers, dates and times, converts length, volume and weight measurements, computes discounts, sales tax, foreign money exchanges and loan payment amounts.

One major thing to consider is, should it be a desktop application or a web-based application? Here are some differences between the two:

* A web-based application, which includes any software you log on to a web site to access, requires a fast, reliable internet connection. A desktop application is an application that runs without the need of an internet connection.

* Desktop software is generally much faster and easier to use than web-based software. If you do not have a very fast internet connection, it could take you several times longer to get the same amount of work done.

* If your web connection goes down, or the company’s website were to go down, or the company went out of business, you will no longer have access to your data if using web-based applications. A desktop application, if backed-up regularly, is more secure and reliable than a web-based application.

* With desktop applications, you generally pay just once, and technical support is often included. With web-based applications you rent the software, paying monthly fees and often get only email support.

The next thing to consider is how easy is the software to use? Is it easy to understand? Are you comfortable using the software? Can you get technical support easily and quickly, both by phone and by email? Does that support cost extra?

The final question is, how much are you willing to spend for this software? Would you rather pay less on a monthly basis for web-based software, which will add up to much more over time, or pay one reasonable amount up front and get the features, speed and reliability of a desktop application?

As a small business person, I’m sure you would rather find ways to save money and at the same time have the features and capabilities you are looking for in vacation property management software?

With these things in mind, you can now determine what would be the best vacation hotel or motel software for your needs. The best vacation rental property software for a small business person like you, in my opinion is Vacation Rental Tracker plus. It is a reasonably priced desktop application that is easy to use and is available for most Mac and Windows computers.

To better appreciate its ease-of-use, how it can make you more productive, and to download a free trial of Vacation Rental Tracker Plus today, visit

To better appreciate its ease-of-use, how it can make you more productive, and to download a free trial of Vacation Rental Tracker Plus today, visit

Garth Catterall-Heart has been creating productivity software for self-employed professionals and rental property managers since 2002. You may reprint this article only in its entirety with this bio. ©2011 Garth Catterall-Heart

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Vacation rental accounting software for the rest of us

Keeping track of your vacation rental income and expenses doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming when you use the right software. If you are trying to do this with pencil and paper or a spreadsheet you may think you are saving money, but the extra time and potential for errors makes this questionable. 

There are many types of vacation rental management software available. You can pay a monthly fee for online software or buy a desktop program that does not require an Internet connection for a one time charge. Some rental property software companies even provide you with updates and customer support for no extra charge.

By using vacation rental property management software you will be able to produce confirmations, receipts and notices with just a few clicks of your mouse and to record all your expenses – categorized and ready to give to your accountant – easily and effortlessly. You can also see at a glance which units are rented and which are available.

Beware of using Quickbooks or other traditional accounting software which is designed for accountants and does not have the property management features you need. Features to look for are reservation confirmation and other notices, income and expense reports, work orders, schedules, contact management and form letters

In my (not so humble) opinion, SpiritWorks Software offers the best vacation rental management software for anyone who does not need multiple user capability. This free trial desktop software for Mac and Windows has all the features you need (plus some that are unique to our software) for a very reasonable price. Great technical support and updates are included for no additional charge. Please call or write for more information about our “accounting software for the rest of us”.

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Introduction to Vacation Rental Tracker Plus

Here’s a video that will introduce you to most of the features of Vacation Rental Tracker Plus.

For a higher quality video please go here.

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Reservation Management Software

SpiritWorks Software Logo

Free trial software for Mac and Windows that resides securely on your desktop. A one time payment gets you unlimited units, great customer support and updates.

Find out why Desktop software may be better for you than Web-based Software

Welome to this website devoted exclusively to Vacation Rental Tracker Plus, an easy-to-use, short term reservation property management program by SpiritWorks Software you can use to manage any number of units, reservations and owners.

You can try it free for ten days by using the form in the upper right of this page. You will find this to be the most complete reservation management desktop application (for both Mac and Windows) you can find at any price. Please take it for a test drive and see for yourself.

No payment or credit card information is needed for the FREE trial. Just fill out the form and we will email you a link to the download page and helpful tips about using the software.

If you live in the U.S. please provide your phone number so we can give you additional support during your trial period.

Your name, email address and phone number (which is optional) will NOT be given or sold to anyone else.

Our mission is to provide you with accounting software that makes keeping track of your finances easy and reliable. By helping you save time and be more productive, we intend that your business becomes much more profitable and your life more enjoyable.


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Introduction to SpiritWorks Software

Make more money with our complete, affordable, award winning software. Here’s a short video our friend Jim shot of Garth talking about the complete line of productivity software available from SpiritWorks Software.

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New Versions of Rental Management Software Released

New versions of Rental Property Tracker Plus, Commercial Rental Tracker Plus, Resort Rental Tracker Plus, Vacation Rental Tracker Plus and Bed & Breakfast Tracker Plus were released today.

Here’s what’s new in Vacation Rental Tracker Plus

* Asset Tracker keeps track of any appliances, furniture, etc. that is rented with the unit.

* Work Order Tracker keeps track of any repairs or maintenance schedules.

* In Reservation Tracker, PayPal is now a payment method.

* To have all charges due by the Deposit date use the Prepay Charges option in the Deposit section of Reservation Tracker.

* You can now add Service Fee charges as a percentage of rent in Reservation Tracker.

* To switch from security deposits to prepayment deposits select the I accept prepayment deposits instead of security deposits option on the Reservation Tracker Prefs screen. To access this screen, click Prefs and then Reservation Tracker Prefs.

* In Reservation Tracker, if you have filled in the 1st Due Date and the Amount Due fields then Unpaid will change to 1st Due when the deposit has been paid or partially paid, so you can access these fields.

* There is now an option for a second payment due date on the Reservation Tracker Prefs screen. If you require two payments before arrival (plus a deposit) select the I require a second prepayment in the amount of option. You will be asked if this amount is a Percent, a Multiple of one nights rate, a Variable amount, or a Set Amount, and for the number of days prior to arrival that this second payment is due. If the Prepay Charges option is enabled, the remainder of charges will be computed if you choose Variable. The 1st Due Date and Amount Due must be filled in for the second due date to be activated.

* You can now process Online Credit Card Payments. When the Enable Online Payments option in the Reservation Tracker Preferences is selected, and you choose the payment type of Credit Card or Debit Card in Reservation Tracker, you will have the option of using this new feature. Go to for more information.

* When a Reservation Payment is made with the new Online Credit Card Payment feature, the confirmation number and process id # are both added to the Notes field.

* Added 1099-MISC Printing feature to Expense Tracker’s Reports – this works similarly to the check printing feature.

* Added Owner accounting reports. After creating a Property Management Invoice there is a new Reconcile Owner’s Account button in the top right corner of the Invoice screen.

* New option in Expense Tracker’s New record dialog creates a Combined record or check for the current Payee with the current Date.

* Added new Find feature for Expense and Other Income Trackers. Great for creating duplicate expense records for recurring expenses.

* New Address Format menu allows you to print addresses in many common international formats.

* Added a Category menu to Task Tracker so you can easily create several different to do lists.

* New Frequently Called Contacts feature in Contact Tracker lists people you want to call often, when they were last contacted, a special notes field, their phone number and email address.

* Improved Email features. Users now have the choice of using the email program on their computer or an online email program.

* Many other improvements. Go to this page to see a complete list of changes to this software.

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